As I am a fully formed person, I do things that aren't advertising. 

I co-host a music podcast called Hearwax II (the sequel to a website/blog I ran several years ago). We provide insightful analysis and insight on heavy music.
I yell and play 7 string guitar in a metal band called Lowest Point. And yes, I gave myself full usage rights to use one of my band's songs as the intro music to the podcast seen above.
I used to write for a couple hockey blogs, providing everything from scouting reports (I once took a hockey scouting course) to my real calling card: hockey jokes and satire. My pieces featured such headlines as "A Critical Analysis of the Best Hockey Tweet of All Time", "The Best Jersey Sponsor for Every NHL Team", and a series of posts under the #MyColumn and #BudsFeed monikers. I understand if this all sounds like a bunch of gibberish.
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